7 Types Of Men Every Lady Should Avoid Dating

Tips On How To Tell Your Partner About Your Past

Tips On How To Tell Your Partner About Your Past

True relationships are hard to come by these days, sometimes we often assume we’ve met our right soulmate but he turns out to be what we never thought after a few months of dating.

Some men seem calm at first but after a while, they show their real behaviour so in order to avoid heartbreak you need to put some things into consideration.

Are you looking for a new better man in your life? If you are, then be careful that you don’t fall for this kind of men listed below.

1. The ‘Always’ Broke Men

You might be independent but getting a little help from someone you love isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes it’s not all about money but a little help in any way. Avoid men who always either forget his atm card or always complain about how empty his account is.

2. The Insecure Narcissist

Initially, he might come as a confident person, takes good care of his appearance, always praising himself and he will always feel he’s the best at everything but don’t attempt to fall for such. They are always self-obsessed and they are not always happy when people do better than them.

3. Mummy’s Boy

These type of men will always make you feel less of yourself because they will always compare you with their mum and always take instructions from her. Their type always put their mothers first in everything, unless you are prepared to compete with their mothers then you can cope with the relationship.

4. The Guy Who Cheats To Be With You

If he cheats to be with you then nothing might stop him from cheating while in the relationship with you. It’s not just saying cheating is bad: It’s what it says about the guy you are with as well.

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5. My ‘Ex’ is Still My Best Friend Man

Avoid men who still keep their Exes as friends, they still find one or two reasons to be with the Ex. It should plainly be it is over when it is over! but if he seems that he is the type that still keeps friends with his Ex then stay away from him.

6. The Control Freak

A control freak will always want to know where you are, what you are doing, the type of friends you are with, the time you get home, what kind of food you eat and why at all time. He may even go as far as telling you the kind of dress to wear and how you should relate with your colleagues at work. Catch the signs of the control freak early and stay off.

7. The Vision-less One

Stay off the one who lacks ambitions or doesn’t see beyond his nose. They are the ones who have no plans and take anything as it comes. Ask him about his future plans at the early stage of the relationship, if he’s not working towards achieving his goals then back off.

Remember to stay off the ones who are emotionally imbalance, always battling mood swings and the ones who are still battling previous relationship trauma.