Are You A Vegetarian? Try Your Hands On This 7-Day Meal Plan To Get The Best Nutrition

The percentage of vegetarians in Nigeria is on the rise daily as many want to eat healthy. Being a vegetarian in Nigeria may be difficult because of the available food here.

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We have found a way to tailor our food in Nigeria to fit into a diet plan of a vegetarian. This vegetarian diet food meal plan is based on a 1200-1500 calorie per day goal and is suitable for all gender and ages.

Keeping off meat and other animal-based products does not entail deficiency of protein or any other nutrient as such nutrients can easily be found in other foods like those listed below.

This post will show you a proper diet plan for a vegan or vegetarian. Have a look.

Day 1

Breakfast- Smoothie (any fruit you want)

Lunch- Moimoi with cucumber and tomato salad

Dinner- Jollof rice With steamed spinach

Day 2

Breakfast- Wholewheat bread with jam and tea.

Lunch- Water leaf soup and Eba

Dinner- Roasted vegetables and boiled potatoes with tomato stew.

Day 3

Breakfast- Fruit Salad

Lunch- Wholewheat wrap with vegetables

Dinner- Boiled plantain and efo riro (vegetable soup)

Day 4

Breakfast- Oats with nut milk

Lunch- Amala and Ewedu

Dinner- Yam with mushroom pepper soup

Day 5

Breakfast- Wholewheat bread and tea.

Lunch- Fufu, okro stew with chopped mushroom

Dinner- Steamed rice with vegetable curry

Day 6

Breakfast- Coconut yoghurt

Lunch- brown beans stew with saute ugwu

Dinner- Roasted corn and mixed green salad

Day 7

Breakfast- Pap and moi moi

Lunch- Semolina swallow and Egusi

Dinner- Pumpkin soup with salad.





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