Does Your Marriage Seem Less Exciting? Here Are 7 Ways To Spice It Up

Spice marriage ways woman

Don’t start wondering why your marriage isn’t working; it’s not a supernatural incident.

The same way you both decided to get married is the same way you both will work out the marriage and sustain it.

However, one person must make the first move at spicing up the marriage if it looks like it’s crashing or seems boring. That person is you!

Here are 6 ways that you can spice up your marriage:

1. Dress and look pretty for him

Spice marriage ways woman

Whether you’re going out or you’re indoors, ensure that you look pretty for your husband.

Make sure your hair is neat, your face is fresh, and be sure to prevent body odour.

2. Send flirty messages to him

Get in the girlfriend mood sometimes and send him flirty messages like ‘don’t you want a taste of me tonight?’ while he’s at work or ‘I like the way you look at me during sex’.

His mind will be blown by your flirty texts and be so surprised.

3. Surprise him with a gift or anything nice

Breakfast in bed is always a great idea, especially if you haven’t done it before. Prepare his favourite meals once in a while to trigger his excitement.

Also, you can buy something nice for him. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Just get him something that he’ll love so much. It could be headphones or a nice wristwatch.

Depending on what he loves, get him something he’ll definitely appreciate.

4. Do things with him

It’s always a great idea to do things with your partner. You both will feel connected to one another.

Engage in his workout routines, watch football with him, ask questions about the games that he plays.

He’ll be surprised, but at the end of it, he’ll want to do these things around you because of your interest.

5. Agree with him sometimes

Of course, there are  ideas he’ll have that you may want to argue with. If you’re at the point of trying to save your marriage, please just agree with him.

However, if it’s something that would totally affect you both, give him cogent reasons not to engage in it.

6. Compliment him most times

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Start increasing the compliments you give him. Appreciate the way he looks and let him know that you admire him.

If he smells good, let him know. Instead of suspecting that he may look too handsome for ladies outside, shower him with positive compliments inside.

7. Increase the intimacy

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Make sure that the intimacy never dies down. Prepare yourself for your husband. Dress sexy and provocative before he gets back home.

If he’s home before you, rush into the bathroom and freshen up with that sexy underwear.

Ensure to start the foreplay yourself- it’s always more exciting for him. Most importantly, HAVE SEX!

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