Looking For The Perfect Wedding Dress? These 6 Tips Will Help You Out

Renting A Wedding Dress Tips

The most exciting yet difficult part of wedding plans for a bride-to-be could be searching for the perfect wedding dress that would make her the center of attraction on her big day.

Wedding dresses come in different sizes, colors, and lengths. If you don’t pay serious attention before the big day you might find yourself in a serious dilemma.

Here are some important tips you should keep in mind  when you are shopping for your wedding dress.

1. Set A Budget

Before you carry out any plan set a specific budget for your wedding dress. This will help narrow your choices, and also help you in your expectations for the dress shopping process.

2. Start Shopping Months Before The Wedding Day


Some wedding dresses usually take 4-10 months to be made, So if you are buying from an online store it’s advisable that you factor the shipping time. If you are buying within your state, it’s also advisable that you start months earlier.

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3. Research On Social Media

Use social media platforms to research your perfect wedding dress, know what fits your body type and accessories that will fit perfectly. Save pictures from sites like Pinterest, follow wedding stores on Instagram, and make necessary inquiries.

4. Be Open To Different Oprions & Styles

It’s also helpful to know what you want or like before going shopping for the wedding dress but don’t be afraid to also try something totally out of the box. For example, try a ball gown instead of a straight gown.

5. Listen To Your Stylist

Have a list of questions for your stylist or make sure someone in your bridal train totally understands you. Let your stylist think of what’s best for you, where to get the best dress, and compare prices during a market survey but you should make the ultimate choice because you’re the one who’s going to wear the dress.

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6. Take Pictures While Testing

Remember to take pictures of the front and back when testing different dresses so as to have a proper look at yourself. Have your bridal team take your pictures of every dress you test. This will help when you head to your next appointment so you’ll have a catalog to compare which is best.

When shopping for the dress that fits, pay maximum attention, ask questions and if possible negotiate properly within your estimated budget.