Here’s Why This Black American Teenage Girl Is Claiming She’s A White Person

It is not uncommon that many teenagers may experience an identity crisis during their adolescence. The combination of developmental changes in puberty and the need to contemplate the values and roles provided by society may leave one uncertain in who one really is.

For a 16-year-old African-American teenager, however, her identity crisis does not involve her confusion on her potential social role; rather, she believes she is by blood a Caucasian and thinks black people are ugly.

A few days ago, 16-year-old, Treasure went viral after a video of her insisting she was white was circulating on social media.

In an episode of United States television show, Dr Phil” uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Oct. 24, the show’s host Dr Phillip C. McGraw encountered Treasure, a black teen wholly invested in the idea that she is white.

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During the interview Treasure claims that she is white, she says:

“I know a lot of people take issues with my beliefs. I’m white,”

In addition, she argued that she knows she is white deep inside of her.

“When it comes to black people, I think they are all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them”.

“I know I’m white. She (her mother) might not know I’m white. I know I’m white. I can feel it through my veins, I can feel it through my blood. I tell my mom, I’ll never be like those negros”

She then enumerated the reasons why she thinks she is a Caucasian:

“I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African American – I have naturally straight hair. My hair is not nappy; it doesn’t require a weave. My nose is not giant, like African Americans, my lips are perfect, they’re not too big and they’re not too small they’re just perfect.”

“Most African-Americans speak ghetto,” she added. “When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them. I’m different from African Americans because I’m white.”

Apparently, her identity crisis stemmed from the fact that her mother, Monique, lied about her race. Monique led Treasure and her brother to believe that her white husband was their father (and that they were biracial) as he was the only father figure for her children.

When the said husband, however, passed away in 2006 and the family was forced to make economic adjustments accordingly, Treasure started hating black people.

Watch the full interview from the Dr.Phil show here.