Having a Tough Time With Your Teenager? Here’s How You Two Can Have A Healthy Relationship


Teenagers are pretty hard to handle, especially when they get rebellious and aware of society and the people around them. All they may just be trying to figure out is how to adjust to their environment or just fit in. Many of them also dislike certain societal norms that don’t seem so fancy.

To build a healthy parent-teen relationship, you need to know and stay aware of certain things because teenagers are going through a phase in their lives that makes them get either frustrated or extremely happy.

They fall in love, make new friends, get heartbroken, try to disobey, try out new things, and all of that. As a parent, you certainly need to guide your teenager and not add more problems to what they already have.

Here’s how you can have a healthy relationship with your teenager:

1. You’re the parent here

building teen-parent relationship

First ensure that you earn the respect. You don’t want your child looking at you as incompetent to handle him/her.

2. Embrace change

When change begins to come, simply embrace it calmly before you start to disagree. People change many times, so can your teen, so you need to understand these changes and see if you can handle it or not.

3. Your teenager wants you to listen more

teen-parent relatioship

As much as you have so much to say to your child, s/he wants you to listen more than you speaks. Your teen wants to trust you with certain information, but when you stop listening, trust for you may just depreciate.

4. Take note of boundaries

There are boundaries to what you can and cannot do. Also, your teen has a private life apart from your family life. Don’t check messages or monitor what s/he does in school; that’s just being nosy.

5. Correct with love

When your teen makes a silly mistake, you can just make a funny reference to your past mistakes or general references to help your child understand your position about mistakes made.