Is Your Partner Still Friends With Their Ex? Here’s How You Can Handle The Situation

Tips To Deal With Your Partner's Ex

Worried about your boyfriend still talking to his exquisite ex-girlfriend? Losing sleep because you think there is something fishy?

Do you think that you are not as pretty as your husband’s ex? Or your shape isn’t as hot as hers?

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Stop ruining your relationship by worrying about your partner’s past and relationship history. Learn how to deal with your partner’s ex with self-control, conscious behavior, letting go, trust and some maturity.

Conversations about exes should be quick,  factual and peaceful. Trust what your partner has to say and move on.

These tips will help you.

1. Develop trust

Jealousy or your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s ex can easily turn into suspicion and doubt if emotions are not kept in check. Asking too many questions will naturally irritate your ex, who will eventually stop feeling obliged to put up with your interrogation. This will make you feel that he or she is hiding something from you.

Dealing with the topic of exes is a sensitive issue. The trick to deal with it without letting it get in the way between yourself and your partner is to keep the conversations precise, factual and less frequent. Trust your partner, talk about exact specific issues and don’t talk about them very frequently.

2.  Never ask your partner to compare you with his  ex

Am I a better kisser than her? Do I look prettier than your ex-girlfriend? Am I better in bed than your ex-lover? There is never a right answer to questions like these.

Your partner will be put in a corner and even if he or she genuinely say that you are better, it will be hard for you to take it as the truth.

3. Address your own insecurities with success

Your husband or boyfriend can tell you that you are a terrific person, but you will only be able to get over your jealousy for your partner’s ex if you feel that you are a better person yourself.

The only way to do this is to actually be a better person by getting off the act and do something to make yourself better.

4.  Don’t ask your partner for details about physical intimacy with their ex

An important rule while dealing with your partner’s ex is never ask for too many details on the type of sexual relationship they had. It is acceptable for you to know whether your girlfriend or boyfriend had sex with their ex, but knowing the details of physical intimacy is a one way to give yourself unnecessary stress.

5. Accept your partner’s relationship history as something you can’t change

You will continue to fuel the jealousy and emotional turmoil within yourself if you keep thinking about your partner’s relationship history. The only thing that will put an end to this burning fire is the acceptance that there is nothing you will be able to do to change what your boyfriend did in the past.



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