Get Creative With Rice With These 8 Delicious Nigerian Recipes

Rice is one of the most common food item consumed in Nigeria. Hardly will any home go a day without tasting rice especially with children.

Are you getting tired of eating and cooking rice? Well, we have devised a solution for you.

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For today’s post, we’ll provide you with recipes on different foods you can make with rice without getting bored.

1.Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is rice mixed with tomato sauce and some other ingredients. Jollof rice is a staple food you would find at every Nigerian party and home. You can decide not to eat the regular white rice and replace it with jollof rice.

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2.Fried Rice

Fried rice is one party food many of us look forward to at events. With a very simple recipe and lots of enthusiasm, you can have a tasty plate of Nigerian fried rice ready in a little time.

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3.Mushroom Coconut Rice

We know you have heard of coconut rice but mushroom coconut rice sounds different. Mushroom coconut rice traces it’s origin to Asia yet it is a highly nutritious meal that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is easy to prepare and the ingredients are easily accessible.

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4.Rice Pancake

Looking for a change in your breakfast, here’s one. Rice Pancake as the name implies is pancake made with rice. It is popularly known as Sinasir in Northern Nigeria. It is prepared with the soft variety of rice, which is the type used for Tuwo Shinkafa.

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5.Carribean Rice

Caribbean rice is another delicacy from the rice family that people are gradually embracing. Many people think it is difficult and expensive to prepare since a lot of ingredients are involved but the reverse is the case.

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6.Jambalaya Rice

Jambalaya rice is an interesting rice recipe that would make yearn for more after tasing it. The food will help you switch up your cooking game.

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7.Garlic Fried Rice

Want a new twist in your rice recipes, Garlic fried rice is one of the best options. It’s delicious and simple, you should try it before this weekends. It’s simple and delicious.

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8.Concoction Rice

Nigerian Concoction Rice is a traditional rice recipe prepared with ingredients we don’t normally use in preparing the classic Nigerian Jollof Rice. If you can’t afford the normal jollof rice, here’s concoction rice for your optimum satisfaction.

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