Prepare Otong Soup This Weekend By Following These Simple Steps

There are several ways you can bring creativity to the Nigerian food recipe and Otong soup is one.

Otong soup is a popular traditional Okra soup recipe from the Efik people of Cross River, South Southern Nigeria.

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Otong soup is very similar to the Yoruba Okra Soup; Ila Alasepo. The major difference is the addition of Ugu leaves which isn’t a requirement in the preparation of Ila Alasepo.

This post will show you how to make this delicious traditional meal right in your kitchen.


1.Assorted meats(goat meat, beef, saki, cow foot)

2.A generous amount of Meat Stock

3.Smoked fish


5.Smoked Red Prawns




9. 1 big handful of Ugu and Uziza

10. Palm Oil

11. Fresh Seafood (Crab, crayfish)

12. Smoked Mackerel


  1. Boil and season your meats, stockfish, smoked fish and smoked red prawns with salt and seasoning cubes.
  2. Stock ready, blend the yellow pepper and add to it.
  3. Add the blended yellow pepper to the stock, and finish off with a cooking spoon of ground crayfish and let it simmer along nicely.
  4. Add Palm oil, just a little of it. A cooking spoon to a cooking spoon and a half and bring to a boil.
  5. Add the fresh seafood and turn down the heat immediately. Cook seafood on low heat, so as not to overcook it.
  6. Allow the seafood cook till the prawns get pink and the crabs turn coral.
  7. Add the okra, ugu and uziza a few minutes after the okra goes in.
  8. Stir very well and keep the heat on low. Don’t want to overcook the okra, so you can keep its crunch and green colour.
  9. Let it cook for roughly 5 minutes or under depending on how much okra you have.
  10. Finish off with a little hot water, an extra helping of crayfish to improve the flavour.
  11. Tear in smoked mackerel. Turn off the heat, cover the pot and let it just sit there absorbing all the flavours.
  12. Serve with any swallow of your choice

Watch the video for clearer directions.

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