6 Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Almost every bride to be would feel anxious and uneasy as her wedding day draws near and this is perfectly acceptable.

However, you do not need to feel burdened and unhappy, after all, you are experiencing one of the best moments of your life, so you should be delighted.

Below are some tips every intending bride needs to see before she gets married.

1. Be kind to yourself

Getting engaged is an amazing feeling, but once the initial thrill from  Facebook and Instagram wears off, planning a wedding can make you feel pretty overwhelmed.

There’s a huge amount of pressure for everything to go perfectly, and if you’re anxious, you’ll probably feel that pressure even more.

 You’re bound to feel stressed about such a major life event, but it does not mean you’re a terrible bride. Be kind to yourself, think good thoughts and try not to feel bad.

2.  You’re not a bad person if you hate the planning process

 Suddenly needing to have an opinion on everything can really start to make you feel tired and overwhelmed and trust us when we say this does not make you a bad spouse.

You’re probably someone who usually likes to plan. After all, planning ahead is second nature to anxious people. But being bombarded with questions almost every minute is very different: It can put you into a  sour mood.

If you start to get cold sweats when looking at floral displays and potential dress options, then get your mum, dad, maid of honour, partner, or just a random stranger from the internet on board and get them to give you suggestions or opinions. Yes!

3. Say a big “yes” to those offers of help

If you see deadlines looming but freeze up and find yourself unable to meet them, don’t suffer in silence.

Turn to bestie and say: “Remember when you asked if there was anything you could do to help? The answer is a thousand yes.”

When it comes to weddings, other people genuinely want to be there for you. Call them and you’ll instantly feel better. And if you’re reading this thinking “Tito my anxious friend is getting married”, give her a call and ask how you can help.

4. Take time to reassure your partner

Strong emotions can make anxiety worse, which is yet another way your brain tries to ruin your day.

It’s a good idea to make it very clear that getting anxious about the wedding does not mean you’re not super happy about getting married. It’s just the same old issues you’ve dealt with for years being magnified by the wedding stress.

You’re both going to feel a bit weird at times – it’s a big deal, and you’ll inevitably have little fights about who to invite and a million and one other things – but let your partner know that it doesn’t mean your union isn’t very real and solid.

5. Let your partner reassure you

As an anxious person, being in the limelight isn’t really one of your things, but it’s an important part of any wedding.

Self-consciousness might not be something you consider until quite close to the day itself, but it’s a good idea to plan for it.

More and more couples are making their own traditions to walk down the aisle together instead of avoiding each other before the ceremony. It’s just as romantic and it certainly wouldn’t bring bad luck. Yes! we said so.s

So if that would help reassure you, then why not try it?

Hug each other first, reassure each other, hold hands and take strength from them. You usually do this with each other, so why change that habit on your wedding day?

6. It’s perfectly okay to put yourself first.

You’re going to feel pretty delicate the week before your wedding, even if you’ve been careful and looked after yourself.

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Maybe people are used to you being accommodating and nice. But this is your wedding. It’s very okay to say no, or to let the phone ring without  you picking up.

Of course, people would call you and you’ll want to say yes to requests to pick people up from the airport or bus parks, or answer endless questions from people who didn’t read the details on the invitation and give descriptions numerous times.

To avoid this, appoint a gatekeeper. It could be a mum, one of the bridal party, or a good friend. Give out their number and let people bother them. They can deal with weird requests, and only come to you with the important issues.

Don’t feel bad about it either. People don’t actually want to bother the couple in the run-up to a wedding, but they do need answers to questions.

So that trusted person would attend to all visitors and save you a lot of money.

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