Tips To Know Before Starting A Restaurant Business

Small Scale Restaurant is very easy to start and low capital intensive and as a woman, it is one of the most profitable business for us. This is because food business is one of the few businesses that is not affected by any economic meltdown.

People must eat no matter how poor they are, no matter the situation they are, even if unemployed. Anyone can eat even if it is with the last penny he or she can afford and that is what makes restaurant business very lucrative. So if you are thinking of starting a business, and a lucrative one at that as a woman, then food business is for you.

1. Draw Your Business Plan

Everyone knows that the first thing to do when starting any business is to plan, and fast food restaurant business is not an exception. A business plan is like a to-do-list, where you have all the steps you want to take in starting your business written down.

Your business plan will include where you want your business to be located, which should be somewhere open, easily accessible and spacious. You must also make the location accommodating and comfortable for your customers.

Nobody wants to eat in an uncomfortable environment. Good sitting arrangements, entertainment facilities like flat screen TVs connected to cable networks, Air conditioners (AC) at all angles of the restaurant to keep the atmosphere conducive, these are some of the measures you can use in making your restaurant conducive for your customers.

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2. Choose Your Style Of Service And Menu

If you are not buying a franchise, then it is important that you choose your style of service.What type of food will you specialize in? Will you be making continental or local dishes? Will it be a combination of local and continental dishes with pastries and confectioneries?

Whether you are buying a franchise or not, it is equally important that you make a list of foods (menu) that will always be available in your restaurant with their prices.

3. Employ Good cooks And Staff

A good chef makes a great restaurant. It’s not enough to have a big brand name and a huge outlet, the cuisines have to be up to standard and more. Therefore, before employing a chef, make sure that he or she  is a great one and that they have  had training in the preparation of different types of food.

You also need to employ the service of attendants or waiters and waitresses, depending on the style of service you have chosen. Ensure that you make varieties of food available at all times.

4. Good Space For Your Restaurant

Everyone likes to enjoy his food in a spacious laid back environment. Make sure you get a place as nice as possible you can afford – In fact, your major investment should go into this. If it’s going be a shop, let it be the one with extended front space so that you can build canopy to afford your customers more seating space.

5. Furnish Your Restaurant

When it comes to restaurant, how it looks is everything  and this also applies to most people out there too.You can hardly eat in a place that doesn’t look nice and so do many; make sure your restaurant is well furnished to taste. The quality of your food and the type of cook you are can be perceived through your restaurant furniture. This is the absolute truth.

The furniture may take about N150,000 depending on what you go for and your bargaining power. You can also get a local carpenter who (with proper supervision) will do very good furniture at lower cost for you.

We wouldn’t recommend plastic chairs and tables (except if you do not have the funds currently), it makes your restaurant look unorganized, cheap, and untidy. But if that’s what you can afford, then you go for it.