10 Interesting Facts To Know About Umoja, A Village In Kenya Where Men Are Banned

Africa is blessed with deep-rooted unique cultures and one of such is a village in Kenya.

Umoja, a village in the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya is inhabited by only women as men are banned from the village.

Umoja which means ‘Unity’ was formed by women for women to provide security and as a means of pooling resources and skills.

Here are all the facts you should know about this unique tribe.

1.Umoja was founded by a group of 15 women in 1990 who were survivors of rape from British soldiers.

2. The village is run by Rebecca Lolosisi, the village matriarch and one of the founders. She came up with the idea of creating a village for women when she was recovering after being beaten for speaking out.

3. The village population today has expanded to accept women escaping domestic violence, rape, child and forced marriage, and any form of abuse.

4. First members of the group all came from the Samburu villages who are closely related to the Maasai tribe as they speak a similar language.

5. Men can visit the village but not allowed to live in Umoja.

6. As of 2015, the population consists of roughly about 47 women and 200 children; the male children leave the village when they turn 18 years.

7. The women and girls earn a regular income for food, clothing, and shelter. They also support themselves and their children through their creative skills with beadwork jewellry and crafts.

8. The village also runs a campsite where tourists are charged a decent entrance fee to visit the village thereby creating income for the villagers.

9. The village has a school that provides education to children in the village and to neighboring villages. Other initiatives include group funds for sickness, disability, and savings.

10. The women have managed to build a safe haven for themselves where they leave a life of respect.