Say Hello To These African Women Who ‘Changed The Narrative’ By Proposing To Their Men

We are in the age and time where gender roles are going through a total overhaul. The issue of marriage and proposals are also going through significant changes and women are going after what they want, marriage included.

The idea that proposals are something only a man should do when he feels it is time is something that is being challenged by feminists all around the world.

However, we as human beings will have different opinions on the subject and here is what 4 Nigerian women think about it.

Susan from Iyana Ipaja says:

“I feel indifferent about it. I think just talking about marriage plans with your boyfriend is already an indirect proposal.”

We asked, “Can you propose to your man?”

“No oh. I don’t have the courage for that o”

Damilola from Ikeja says:

“We live in a feminist society, so what a man can do, a woman can do too. Some women have already done it.”

“Can you propose to your man?”

“When I get to that bridge, I will cross it.”

Adeshewa from Victoria Island says:

“I feel like it is a desperate move. If the guy is not ready to move to the next step with you, you have to move on.”

“Can you propose to your man?”

“No, I can not do that”

Adaeze from Yaba says:

“If the woman feels like the answer would be positive, then she can go ahead because this kind of rejection can be very painful sha”

“Can you propose to your man?”

“It is not something I have ever considered but I really don’t know.”

Here are three times Black women proposed to their men.

1. Wow, he zoomed off! Really?


2. She said, “Let me reclaim my time.”


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 3. The famous ShopRite proposal