onion rings

Recipe: How To Make Delicious Onion Rings

This homemade onion rings recipe is the truth. Onion adds flavor to all dishes. Asides from the fact that it adds flavor to food, it also has a lot of nutritional benefits. You can do so much more with onions, starting with this onion rings recipe. Onion rings are a simple yet delicious recipe that you shouldn’t hesitate to try. …

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7 Ways To Use Argan Oil For Your Hair

  Argan oil is extracted from the Moroccan Argan Tree and has been used since ages as a hair nourisher—softening and helping hair grow better. It aids immensely in promoting healthy and strong hair. This oil is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E.  These properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair. Here are some …

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Chicken Lo Mein Recipe

Recipe: How To Prepare Delicious Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken lo mein is quite a delicacy and the fun part of it is that your ingredients are all around you. You do not have to go out of your way buying expensive items. Interested? Please read on. We have a  simple recipe below Ingredients 1 pack spaghetti noodles. 3 tbsps low  soy sauce 2 tbsps hoisin sauce 1 tsp …

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5 Ways To Care For Your Shoes During The Rainy Season

In other countries, they have seasons, such as Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter, but in Nigeria, we basically have the dry and wet seasons. The dry season runs from October to February while the rainy or wet season begins most times from April and typically ends between October and November. Maintaining your shoes during rainy seasons can be a herculean …

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Make Your Home-Made Suya Spice With These 5 Easy Steps

Most people are familiar with the spices they get in the market or Suya as a snack and meat. Well, we’re glad to inform you that there’s Suya spice and you would totally love it. Nigerian Suya spice, known as Yaji in Hausa, is the best-kept recipe secret only known by the top Mallams of Hausaland. It’s a spice that …

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Everything You Should Know About A Menstrual Cup And How To Use It

With the recent rise in the price of pads, many women are thinking of other choices to save more money during their monthly cycle. Although most women are used to sanitary pads and tampons for that time of the month, Menstrual cups can be used for the same purpose. A menstrual cup is a type of reusable feminine hygiene product. …

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Soya Milk Is Highly Nutritious And Here’s How To Make Yours In 15 Easy Steps

Soya milk or soymilk is a plant-based drink produced by soaking and grinding soybeans, boiling the mixture, and filtering out remaining particulates. It is a refreshing rich drink which contains Vitamins A, B and D. It is equally a great alternative to cow milk for those who are lactose intolerance. Try your hands on this soya milk recipe from All Nigerian Recipes Ingredients 1 …

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cashew nut soup recipe

Recipe: How To Prepare Cashew Nut Soup In 7 Easy Steps

Although cashews are one of the lowest-fiber nuts, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all of which are important for maintaining good bodily function. The cashew fruit is quite multipurpose. While it is mostly eaten raw, the nuts which are found on the top of the fruit are usually roasted and used to prepare many nutritional dishes. Want something different, …

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How To Keep Cut Fruits From Browning

8 Ways To Prevent Your Already Cut Fruit From Turning Brown

A lot of us always have the same problems with our fruits going bad when we leave them till another day. It becomes annoying when your fruit changes colour and has that brown unsightly look. But do not worry, here are some tips for you to see. 1. Coat them with an acidic juice such as lemon Keep cut fruits, such …

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How To Prepare Frejon

Recipe: How To Prepare The Easter Delicacy, Frejon

Frejon (Beans and Coconut milk Pudding) is a meal of  Brazilian origins and the myth is that Nigerians who came back home from Brazil and were mostly Yoruba Catholics introduced it to us. This unique Easter delicacy made with  Beans, Coconut Milk, and some spices is usually eaten by a selection of Christians, mostly Yoruba Catholics. It is often eaten …

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