4 Types Of Exercises Every Woman Should Be Doing Regularly

Keeping fit can either be easy or difficult, and this is determined by different factors like your schedule, your lifestyle, fitness level and your will to be fit.

However, there are certain types of exercises you should be doing regardless of where you are on your fitness journey to build strength, endurance and improve flexibility.

Also, exercising regularly would help you to maintain your weight, improve your mood and keep your hormones in check. Ensure that you exercise at least two times a week.

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Here are the four types of exercises that every woman should be doing to maintain optimum health.

1. Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular workouts are essential because they increase your heart rate and boost blood circulation in the body. Therefore, cardio exercises are the types of exercises that make you breathe a lot faster and cause you to sweat more. They include exercises like running, jump rope, cycling, fast-paced walking, rowing and so on.

2. Core Exercise

Core exercises help you to build strength in your midsection while giving you killer abs. Core strength is very important because it helps you to be able to engage in hectic day to day physical activities like lifting heavy items, walking for a long period of time and so forth. This is because it takes the pressure off your back and helps your spine to remain in good shape. They include exercises like planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, and so on

3. Glute Exercise

Glute Exercises help to improve lower body strength, give you a well-rounded figure and keep your legs firm and strong. Glute exercises can take a longer recovery time because so many muscles are located in the glute area. However, it is important to do them at least 2 to 3 times a week. They include exercises like squats, lunges, high kicks, leg raises hip thrusts and so forth.

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4. Weight Lifting

A lot of women shy away from weightlifting because they believe that it would make them look masculine and unattractive. This is untrue. When weightlifting is done appropriately, it improves overall strength and helps in giving you a toned figure. Consult a licensed fitness trainer for proper instructions so as not to cause yourself muscular injuries when starting a weightlifting program.

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