5 Important Things You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”



Marriage is a huge step in every woman’s life. For those who have found the love of their life and are ready to say “I do” a lot of advice and thoughts would definitely be coming your way.

Well, no one ever said marriage was a bed of roses, therefore be ready for challenges, changes, and conflicts. Irrespective of this getting married to your best friends can make these seem like a breeze.

Consider these 5 important things before you walk down the aisle and you’ll be able to enjoy a life-long relationship with your future bae!

1. Respect is more important than love

Not that love is not important. But there are many cases where couples choose to stay together even though the love had died long before. Sometimes to support their children until they grow up, or to attain financial security. On contrary, once you lose respect for your partner, you won’t be able to coexist. You can revive lost love, but disrespect is irreparable.

2.  Teamwork is important

Teamwork is really important to make a marriage. It is indeed true that two heads are better than one. After a few years of marriage, there’s a huge tendency that you both might change. At that time you need to be closer than ever to work as a team.

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3. Communicate with your partner

Communication is the lifeblood of your relationship. Be intentional and deliberate when communicating with your partner. This could be as simple as calling in to check in on them or sending an ” I Love You” text. Communication is indeed necessary if you want to maintain a solid life-long relationship.

4. Be fully committed

Many people claim that marriage is 50/50, but this shouldn’t be so. When two come together as one they give it they’re all.

Therefore, be prepared to give 100% Marriage will chew you up and spit you out if you go into it thinking you can get by with giving half an effort. It does not work that way.

5. Get financially sound

One of the worst things you could do to your future spouse is to bring a heavy load of debt into the marriage. Worse than this would be bringing bad financial habits into your marriage. There are tons of resources available with great information to help you grasp the importance of being financially sound. Don’t bring unnecessary burdens into your marriage.

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