things every bride should know

About To Say ‘I Do’? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking The Plunge

The whole courtship process is done, now the wedding and honeymoon are almost behind you and you are staring into the face of marriage. How do you keep the spark from going dim? When arguments arise, how do you resolve them? How do you rise above insecurities and doubt? Listed below are five critical things newlyweds or intending couples should …

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Bad Motives For Marriage

These 5 Signs Would Tell You If You Are Going Into Marriage For The Wrong Reasons

Love should obviously be the prime motive for marriage but it’s amazing how many single people let other factors come to the fore. So before agreeing to lifelong commitment with your partner, make sure it’s not for any of these five reasons. 7 Obvious Signs That You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship 1. You’ve reached the ‘marriage age’ Many …

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Marriage Survival Tips

4 Tips On How To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage

The first year of marriage can be challenging for couples and it’s that period that tests them in every way. Bear in mind that the quality of your marriage is in direct relationship to how much you are willing to look inside yourself and grow emotionally. The best thing to do is take action toward changing your habitual reactions to …

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Premarital Counselling Importance

6 Reasons Every Intending Couple Should Take Premarital Counselling Seriously

Given the alarming rate of divorce in recent times, one of the best things you can do to help save your marriage before it begins is premarital counselling. Couples that have ties with a specific church or those that want to be married within the walls of a church are often required by the minister or pastor to receive counselling …

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black couple

5 Important Medical Tests You And Your Partner Should Take Before Marriage

  You have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, Congratulations. However, there are some medical tests you and your partner need to take before saying ‘I Do’. The goal of a pre-wedding check is to ensure that couples become aware of their health status, make informed decisions, prevent avoidable stress and burden during …

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Tips For New Brides

Every New Bride Should Know These 5 Tips On How To Make Her Marriage Successful

Marriage is a very beautiful thing- especially when it is a union of two beautiful, imperfect people who came together to make things work and have a wonderful time being man and wife, brother and sister and best friends. This does not mean that things will always be rosy or that the union would be perfect. It means that each …

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relationship tips for parents

5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong After Having Kids

Childbearing is a thing of joy and excitement but it is also a time when the relationship between partners is challenged. This is because things change and you have more responsibilities. It is easy to focus more time on the kids and neglect your partner. This can have a bad effect on a marriage. READ –  Your Relationship Has Communication Problems If …

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Things Not To Say To Your Mother-In-Law

7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Mother-In-Law

You shouldn’t say some things to your mother-in-law and this article highlights that. The fact that some ladies experience a difficult relationship with their mothers-in-law is no secret. To avoid some pitfalls, you may want to learn to bite your tongue. No matter how ill-behaved she is, she is the mother of the man you love and deserves respect for …

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5 Tips On How To Deal With A Depressed Partner

Depression takes a toll on family relationships, especially between couples. If you are not careful the depression can put a strain between you and your spouse. There are many factors that can contribute to a man’s depression, most especially when he is in a low place in his life. These 5 Tips Will Maintain A Lasting Relationship When You And …

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7 Things Bound To Happen If You Share The Same Bed With Your Husband

In marriage, it is usually advised to share the same bed with your husband even if there are separate rooms in the house. You may even desire some space or privacy for a short while. However, if this continues for a long period, it can be harmful to your relationship. Here are seven reasons why you and your husband should …

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